The Rick Mercer Report Stops by The Gentlemen’s Expo


Hey! Still feeling the aftermath of The Gentlemen’s Expo 2016? We don’t blame you… It’s been a few months now and we still can’t get over how awesome of a weekend it really was.

Luckily, our friends over at The Rick Mercer Report helped us relive the excitement last night on their new episode which features Rick at our annual event.

Check out the video clip below and see what it means to #BeBetter!

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How to Protect Your Dress Shoes From the Elements


Worried about your bench-made brogues taking a beating once the weather takes a turn for the worst? Here are three simple ways to ensure your favourite dress shoes survive the winter.

Buy a Pair of Galoshes

They slip on easily over your dress shoes, and will not only keep them clear of slushy, salt-covered sidewalks, but will also provide you with some added grip for walking over icy surfaces.


Brush and Polish Regularly

Even with overshoes, salt — which damages the leather — has a nasty habit of finding its way onto shoes in the winter. Keep them fresh with a thorough wipe-down every couple of days.


Invest in Cedar Shoe Trees

Nothing helps to preserve a great pair of dress shoes better. The unvarnished wood will serve to eliminate odours and maintain the shoe’s shape.


Written by: Yang-Yi Goh

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Gentlemen Tips For Starting 2017


Here we are. It’s 2017. This is your year. Now, how are you starting the year off? Some Gents believe in making resolutions. That’s cool. We support that. On the other hand, some Gents just live their life without committing to any self promises on Jan 1. That’s cool too. We don’t judge.

We are a fan of tips. Tips that make your life better, and easier. Tips that help you kick ass and take names. Tips that help you be a better Gent. Here’s a few we stumbled upon recently…

STEP UP YOUR GROOMING GAME – Truefitt & Hill takes us through what you should be looking for in the perfect Straight Razor Shave.

GET A PROPER FITTING SUIT – Those pointy shoulder pads sticking out are just not cutting it. Get yourself a proper fitting suit and your will look (and act) like a million bucks. The style experts at Surmesur take us through what you should be looking for in a suit:

UPGRADE YOUR WIFI – 2017 is the year that you need to eliminate the lag. No more buffering. Multiple devices need to be connecting while you’re binge watching the latest thing on Netflix. Here’s a vid from our pals at Best Buy Canada with their choice for a proper connection:

MAKE A PROPER COCKTAIL – Here’s a quick video from Johnnie Walker using Blenders’ Batch Red Rye. Why not learn how to make a Manhattan? A Gentleman should know how to make a Manhattan.

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Plunge 30ft = Feed 10 Children


One of our most popular Attractions at The Gentlemen’s Expo is the famous bag jump. Attendees are able to climb 30 feet of stairs and jump into a inflatable bag. It’s super safe, and quite the rush. This year, we are encouraging our fans to take the plunge but for a good cause. Just before jumping, you’ll be able to support Tenfed – a Toronto clothing company that ensures 10 hungry children around the world get fed.

So, how can you support the cause? Buy the GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK tee shirt. You see, for every GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK shirt sold, TEN meals are provided to help feed hungry children around the globe with the help of Kids Against Hunger Canada. There are only 200 GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK shirts available!

BUY THE SHIRTgentlemens-expo-shirt-mockup

More on TenFed:

So far, TenFed has been able to provide over 25,000 meals to hungry children around the world. All of TenFed’s clothing is 100% Canadian, made here in Toronto, ON. TenFed are now into 10 retail stores in Canada – mostly around Ontario and one in BC. Watch THIS Global News piece on TENFED to learn more.

More On Kids Against Hunger Canada:

Kids Against Hunger Canada keeps 1/3 of the food local, here in Canada (they provide for food banks, shelters, reserves in the northern part of Canada, the Salvation Army, etc.) and the other 2/3 of the food gets shipped abroad to developing countries.  They have shipped to over 60 countries since they started in 1999.


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Three Haircuts to Consider This Fall


You’ve been rocking that high-and-tight side-part for a few years now, and let’s face it: it’s gotten a little stale. Next time you’re at the barbershop, ask for one of these of-the-moment cuts to freshen up your look. Thanks to our friends at Sharp Magazine for this piece…

The Pompadour

One easy way to give your current cut a little more edge: Add volume. The classic pompadour was the defining haircut of the 1950s, and the pomade-heavy, swept-high look still turns heads.

See: James Dean remains the gold standard, but John Cho rocks a great contemporary version.

the-pompadour Source

The Modern Buzz

There’s more to a great buzz cut than simply taking clippers to your head. Ask your barber for a #3 or #4 up top, with a clean fade using a #1 or #2 down the sides. The variations in length will look great kept short, but will also be a big help if and when you eventually decide to grow you hair back out.

See: Ryan Reynolds is a big proponent of this look, as is Chris Evans.

the-modern-buzz Source

The Well-Kempt Shag

Thinking about growing your hair long, but don’t want to look like such a, well, long hair? Don’t worry, it’s possible to sport a longer ‘do that still works in the boardroom. The trick is to continue seeing your barber as regularly as you would for short hair: with cleaned-up sideburns and a little layering, your mop will be just as manageable and presentable as it’s ever been.

See: Bradley Cooper and Kit Harrington both maintain handsome length.



Get more Fall Style Tips and inspirations by checking out SHARP Magazine.

See SHARP’s top style experts and other sartorial aficionados from the likes of Rent Frock Repeat, Reiss, and Concierge Club, live at The Gentlemen’s Expo 2016 Fashion Show. It all starts at 8:15pm on Thursday, November 10 at #TGE2016.

Buy Tickets Now!

Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets. #BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Special guest contributor: Yang-Yi Goh.

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Fall Style Picks: Hot Sox


Looking to step up your style game this Fall without breaking the bank?  Want to stand out from the crowd yet not look like you spent hours getting dressed?   Ties were once considered the easiest way to freshen up a look.  Times have changed though and with casual workplaces now the norm, fewemens-mona-lisar men are wearing ties on a regular basis.  Enter the new basic – fashion socks.

For many guys, socks have long been an afterthought.  Clean was good enough.  Black was standard and stripes counted as fashion.  Socks are the perfect way to add a pop of colour to any ensemble.  Unlike blazers, shirts or pants which can require substantial investment, socks are an easy, affordable way to update your existing wardrobe.

Hot Sox is hands down the go to resource for trend right fashion socks with an assortment that includes everythox3hing from on-trend geometric prints to unique novelty styles to the innovative Artist Series.  For the guy with the travel bug, the new Travel Collection, which features top destinations such as LA, South Beach and Paris, is a must have.  Be sure to check out the Hot Sox booth at the upcoming The Gentlemen’s Expo or shop The Bay ( or Simons ( for an extensive selection. Also check out Hot Sox current Halloween collection, pretty spooky stuff! Make sure your follow Hot Sox on Facebook, and Hot Sox on Instagram.


Get more Fall Style Tips and see more sock inspirations by checking out Hot Sox.

See Hot Sox and an whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Here are some Instagram shots from Hot Sox account. How about those doggy socks?!!

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-26-20-am screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-28-10-am

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-23-24-am screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-11-23-53-am

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Fall Style Picks: Cognac Boots by PARC City Boot


This Fall every gent needs a great pair of cognac coloured boots. This rich and warm hue is flattering with any look, and should be a staple in your wardrobe!

Whether you’re suiting up or playing it casual, a cognac boot will keep you sophisticated and stylish. This color is essential each season in PARC City Boot’s collection of high quality European leathers. They are dedicated to keeping you in style with our hand crafted boots that won’t break the bank.

The team at PARC City Boot pair their cognac boots daily with dark denim and khakis; reliable style for the everyday man. Seen here in their popular ‘Lincoln’ boot, this handsome color will have you strut from boardroom to boardwalk with ease. Try a pair on today!


Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out PARC City Boot.

See PARC City Boot and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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Fall Style Picks: Howard Matthews


Howard Matthews is back with their run of cashmere scarves for men. Scarves have long been a staple piece of clothing in the Canadian fall and winter wardrobe to keeping us warm. But our female counterparts have inspired us to look at scarves not just as a necessity, but also as a statement piece that pulls an outfit together and as a piece of accessorhowardmatthews_scarf_2_copyy that adds detail to an ensemble.

Add a pop of colour when you wear a classic black suit by contrasting it with a bright blue or red scarf. Incorporate a detailed scarf with fringed ends to liven up a simple, solid-coloured jacket. Aside from the popular line of scarves in multiple grey and blue tones and shades, trending this year are a line of rich colours to choose from.

To maintain the highest standard of quality, Howard Mahowardmatthews_lapelflowertthews scarves are crafted using 100% fine cashmere from Mongolia; chosen over a cashmere blend, a wool blend and
merino wool, to provide ultra comfort, warmth and style. Handpick your own Howard Matthews scarf for an exquisitely soft and luxurious look. Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out Howard Matthews.

See Howard Matthews and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.



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Fall Style Picks: Lord of Ties


Fall is the season to play around with a lot of colors and prints. Whether you’re a corporate professional, a musician or even a teacher, you will always be setting a trend.

In the 2016 Fall season, men’s fashion is all about tailored suits, leathers loafers, and wool coats. Though let’s not forget about accessorizing. Adding a rosette is essential this fall for men and Lord of Ties (Recently featured in British GQ); a Canadian based company carries an array of handmade, luxury accessories from buttoned, wool bowties to leather rosettes.

Whether you are out for a casual dinner or at the office, adding a funky rosette will spark any conversation. It’s a decorative, poppy like pin that’s made from all kinds of fabrics because it’s important to remember… Your wardrobe is your armor.



Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out Lord of Ties.

See Lord Of Ties and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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Fall Style Picks: Northern Tech


If someone told you that there is one shirt which could, among other things, be worn to work, the gym, under hockey equipment, out for dinner, to the club, and casually around the house, all while providing unsurpassed comfort, performance, and style – would you believe them?

It might sound too good to be true, but the reality is that it exists in the form of an extremely simple and classic, black long sleeve shirt. Whether it’s Fall, Winter, Spring or even Summer, this one piece is a guaranteed essential.


Now to be clear, this sort of versatility doesn’t just happen by accident, and you won’t find it in every black long sleeve shirt. Considerations take a very precise combination of details, from the fabrics used to ensure performance, to the cut and fit of the shirt to maintain an up to date look. But when this balance is achieved, the long sleeve shirt can truly act as a backbone for the modern man’s wardrobe.


That’s where Northern Tech comes in. As a brand that is dedicated to premium basics and accessories, we obsess over creating the most versatile and functional essentials possible. Made in Toronto using only the highest quality bamboo/cotton blend, our logo free black long sleeve shirt was made specifically for gentlemen that value timeless style.


Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out Northern Tech.

See Northern Tech and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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Fall Style Picks: Shirt Studs


Cufflinks and Lapel Pins have always been essential wardrobe pieces to convey a unique message about your fashion sense and style to the world.

Over the last couple years, lapel pins have made a huge comeback in the accessory world and we predict that during this Fall/Winter season, cufflinks along with French cuff shirts will follow suit and become a go-to item in every man’s closet.


As summer draws to a close, you are likely to be wearing a dress shirt for work or play, and the truly stylish man has a few beautifully fitted French cuff shirts to pair with uniquely designed cufflinks.  The beauty of a French cuff shirt, is that it can be worn to perfection in the professional world and a simple change of cufflinks can transform your day-wear to night-wear to convey a completely different sense of style for happy hour, a fun date, or a night out.


You can get a well-fitted French cuff shirt from shops such as Harry Rosen, The Hudson Bay, and the budget friendly Tom’s Place. You can also get one custom-made for easier than you think; we recommend,,, and


While great cufflinks are a rarer find, there are some online stores that offer everything from traditional wood and metal pieces to fully customizable 3D printed designs. Fresh on the scene, is a company called Shirt Studs out of Toronto offering hand-made and fully customizable options that will suit any style.

Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out Shirt Studs.

See Shirt Studs and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BeBetter at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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Fall Style Picks: Gentlemen of The North


When it comes to choosing what to wear in a season, the seasons colour must be examined. This winter, maroon and burgundy are in. Deep winters look amazing in maroon.

The featured photos are an example of how you can look stylish while keeping warm this winter. Maroon is a dark red that tends to be a warm, earthy colour. There is no better way to represent this colour in this season than in Canadian inspired toque. 30% wool and 70% acrylic for that perfect combination of comfort and style.

Maroon Toque

You want to make sure you look good from head to toe. Try something different and look for a pair of maroon socks. It is a nice compliment to a suit with black shoes and a black belt. Check out the featured pair in the image at the top of the page.

Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out Gentlemen Of The North.

See GOTN and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BeBetter at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.



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Fashion vs. Style: Know the Difference


Most men get confused, intimidated, and overwhelmed when it comes to the subject of dressing (and I don’t mean the kind you put on your salad).

When a man wants to dress better, where does he turn? Unfortunately, most men look to current fashion trends for the answers. The problem with trying to copy what you see in GQ or style blogs is that it sets unrealistic expectations and it leads to men looking and feeling uncomfortable in their clothes. Remember; images in advertisements are highly polished, and the models are pinned and photo shopped. Before you fill your wardrobe with this season’s fleeting fads, let’s consider a more personalized approach…

The Flusserian approach would have you change your question from “what width of lapel are men wearing right now?” to “which width of lapel is right for me?” It really is that simple. Put a portly gentleman in a skinny lapel and the proportions will be off. It’s all about what works for you.

Distortion vs. Proportion

Your individual figure must be taken into consideration. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Lapels should be half the distance from the base of the neck to the outside shoulder. Anything narrower or wider is considered fashion. Coat length should cover the seat. Wearing trousers as close to one’s natural waist as possible elongates the leg line, which makes a man look taller and slimmer.
  • A man with very short legs in comparison to his torso will benefit from a slightly shorter coat (giving the illusion of a longer leg line). A very tall and thin man will want to use every excuse he can to break up a streamlined look with horizontal lines (balancing the length with some visual width).
  • Someone who still wears a short coat with narrow lapels and low-rise trousers they purchased five years ago, when it was in fashion, will look dated against current fashion.

It’s easy to see how chasing fashion can be a lose/lose game for the consumer; that’s how the industry makes money. The way to break the cycle is by wearing clothes that flatter your individual proportions, whether they’re in fashion or not. If well-made and cared for, these garments will serve you well for decades.

Recast vs. Contrast

You would never put a prized painting in a frame that didn’t complement it. Leveraging the contrast principle is the practice of framing your face with your clothing. Here’s a few tips to consider when it comes to leveraging your contrast:

  • If a medium contrast man has light brown hair, he should wear medium grey suits and a midnight tuxedo. In general; he should wear colors that don’t clash too much.
  • A high contrast man with light skin and dark hair should wear charcoal grey suits and a black tuxedo. He should combine colors on extreme ends of the spectrum (lights with darks).
  • Men with red notes in their hair look best in a fall palette (rusts, olives, reds). That’s not to say he should wear a red suit, but rather something like a navy tie with a little red in it will flatter him.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but the general idea can be summed up by “as above, so below.” If you’ve ever had someone say “that’s a great color on you,” then it was probably flattering for your contrast.

Stale vs. Stealth

There’s a reason why a group of tailors is called a disguisery. A blazer/sport coat/suit coat is the most flattering garment a man can wear. Once you start applying these concepts to your day-to-day routine, people around you will be quick to notice.

The difference between fashion and style boils down to this: Wearing an eggplant designer skinny suit that you saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt sporting in GQ will get you some “nice suit” remarks. Dressing to flatter your contrast/proportion will yield an entirely different type of compliment – it will sound something more like “You look great, but I can’t figure out what’s different.” Which would you rather receive?

Sink vs. Swim

Go into the water slowly before braving the sartorial deep end. You must first learn the rules before you can break them tastefully. Consult with an expert, express your style, let the compliments roll in, and start feeling better with what you wear.

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