Behind the Cutting Board: Albert Ponzo


At Le Sélect Albert Ponzo re-invents French cuisine classics which he stamps with his active ambassadorship for sustainable farming and aquaculture. Born in Toronto, he has headed Le Sélect’s kitchen for the last ten years.

Twitter: @albertponzo

Instagram: @albertponzo

TGE: If you weren’t working in the culinary industry, what would you be doing?

AP: Musician 

TGE: Any advice for people getting started in your industry? Best advice you’ve ever been given?

AP: Work in a restaurant and for a Chef that makes food from scratch and holds high standards to quality. Keep your head down, learn as many tasks as you can and realize that none of them are beneath you.  Eventually you will get to do everything and become invaluable to your team. Have a positive attitude!

Best advice given to me:  listen to instructions,  pay attention,  and be aware.

TGE: What is your favourite restaurant, right now?

AP: Edulis 

TGE: In your opinion, what traits would you say describe the ideal Gentleman?

AP: Calm and respectful towards others while being independent in thought and opinion.  And trimming your nose hairs.

TGE: If you could have dinner with anyone (Alive or Dead), who would it be, and why?

AP: My nonna from my mother’s side. She knew so much about about food and cooking and I would love to pick her brain.


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