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Q: Are all tickets General Admission

Yes. Tickets for #TGE2017 are all G.A. They are $25 each. Thinking about bringing your mates? We are currently offering 4 tickets for the price of 3.



Use code TORONTO to save $5 off single tickets. Promo Codes do not apply to 4 pack.

Q: Is #TGE2017 a 19+ Show?

Yes. The Gentlemen’s Expo is a 19+ event. ID will be checked at the door.

Q: Where is #TGE2017?

Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building. Check it out on Google Maps.

Q: What is there to eat & drink at #TGE2017?

There will be a wide array of beer, wine, spirits and cocktails to sample. We will also have a terrific selection of food vendors. Just putting the final touches on everything. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Q: Who are the Celebrity Guests at #TGE2017?

We are still working on putting together a range of special guests for your enjoyment. Take a look at last year’s CELEBRITY GUESTS. 

Q: What else is there to do at #TGE2017?

There will be a variety of attractions for you to do and see. Take a look at last year’s ATTRACTIONS.

Q: What is #BeBetter?

It’s the movement we are hoping to inspire with the men and women of Toronto. Have anything to add to the #BeBetter blog?


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