6 Things We’re Looking Forward To Seeing at #TGE2017


There are hundreds of products, services and ‘stuff’ on offer at The Gentlemen’s Expo. Every aisle you turn down, you’ll be sure to discover something new and something awesome. Here’s a short list of some items from brands that we are pretty excited about…

Hot Sox

We love love love the recent travel sock collection from Hot Sox. They keep raising the bar to help you raise their sock game. The artist collection from a few years back is still on point, as well. Looking forward to added to the stripes and dots of your current sock drawer? Look no further. Get a peek at what Hot Sox has been up to HERE.

Brave & Bearded

If you’ve ever wondered why some dude’s beards’ just look better than others – it may be products from B&B. They supply a whole host of barber shops with product, so you may have tried it already. They also have a pretty sick line of apparel.


You should never compromise on what you put on your feet, especially in the winter. Altorosto get this. Since forever, winter boot style has been function before fashion. Not anymore Gents. Take a look at some of these boots. Game changers. Canadian company HQ’d in Toronto.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, made-to-measure is the way to go. Surmesur know this and have been on the right side of this trend for a while. Locations are popping up all over Ontario and Quebec, but definitely come and see them at TGE2017. They are TGE vets, so the safe money is that they will have a specific offer just for you during TGE 2017. Get measured and get that custom shirt, suit or sport coat from some of the best in the business.

G Fox & Co Canada

Do you like watches? The Foxwood collection from G Fox & Co is simply stunning. Mixing leather, wood and other materials, these watches will turn heads. Be sure to put one on your wrist at #TGE2017. G Fox & Co also have a whole host of other offerings like sunglasses and snapbacks. People loved G Fox & Co last year at our event, so you know this year they will be bringing some great products and killer offers for the #TGE2017 crowd.

Parc City Boots

Parc City Boots were the talk of #TGE2016. Super cool shoes and boots, designed for Gents on the go. When you’re at #TGE2017, you must try on a pair. They are super comfy, stylish and I’m sure they will have proper deals for show fans. Honestly, these boots are stunning, hand-crafted in Portugal.

There’s a quick rundown of some our most anticipated partners at #TGE2017. Come to #TGE2017 is you’re into: style, grooming, health, fitness, food, drink, sports, entertainment, cars, bikes, and pretty much anything that involves living and being better! We will be unveiling our line-up of celebrity guests, attractions and exhibitors soon, so stay tuned!



Use code TORONTO to save $5 off single tickets.


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5 Reasons To Come To #TGE2017


5 Reasons To Come To #TGE2016 from November 24-25, 2017 at MTCC North Building.

5) You’ll Learn Something. Walking thru #TGE2017 will be like walking thru your favourite men’s magazine. We hand pick our exhibitors. We want the most knowledgable people on the most relevant topics to be there for you. Subject matter experts: whether it’s suiting, grooming, drinks or pretty much anything related to the #BeBetter lifestyle. Strike up a conversation and you will not be disappointed.

4) Your Next Favourite Drink. Bartenders & Mixologists will be live and present each and every day. Yes, you may be amazed at some of the bottle flipping, but go a little deeper and you’ll be sure to see your favourite cocktail being made. Or maybe it’s your ‘next’ fav cocktail. Watch, learn, sample … and make sure you take away some pointers for making it yourself.

3) Like-Minded People. One thing you can guarantee at #TGE2017 is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. We may all have a different style or a unique look, but one thread that connects us all is that we want to #BeBetter. The vibe on the floor is so cool, because every single gentleman or gentlewoman shares this common goal. Listen, learn, participate. Be sure to talk to people. Strangers will become friends. The experience of #TGE2017 is like nothing else.

2) Shopping. You’ll be surrounded by clothes, footwear, gear, and accessories. Get fitted for that custom suit. Try on those new boots. Add a tie-bar, leather bracelet and a maybe a new scarf. You may even leave with a whole new look. Make sure you take pictures of your purchases and tag them #BeBetter and #TGE2017.

1) #BeBetter. It’s what we preach. It could be as simple a new pomade for your hair or as large as solving world issues. Just by coming to #TGE2017 you have already taken the right step – and we thank you. We encourage you to try and sample as much as you can over the course of our two day event (Nov 24-25) and then put everything you soak up into practice in your life. Share the knowledge with your friends and keep the cycle going.  See you soon.



Use code TORONTO to save $5 off single tickets.


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#TGE2017 is On Sale Now!


Attention Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, Earlybird tickets to The 2017 Edition of The Gentlemen’s Expo are now on sale. Come to #TGE2017 is you’re into: style, grooming, health, fitness, food, drink, sports, entertainment, cars, bikes, and pretty much anything that involves living and being better! We will be unveiling our line-up of celebrity guests, attractions and exhibitors soon, so stay tuned!

The Earlybird promo code to save $5 off general admission tickets is TORONTO. In addition to our regular ticket we are also making available a 4-pack ticket offer – 4 tickets for the price of 3. Promo codes do not apply. Either way, we look forward to welcoming you to the MTCC North Building on November 24 & 25.



 Make sure you use promo code TORONTO to save $5 per single ticket. #BeBetter

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#TGE2017 Presale On Now!


****Pre Sale Has Ended – Tickets Are Now On Sale For All****

Greetings Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, The 2017 Edition of The Gentlemen’s Expo is now on pre sale. This is exclusively available to members of our email club. The password was emailed out on Thursday. Maybe you figured out the PRESALE password on your own? We’re pretty clever. The links are below:



Tickets go on sale to the general public on Tuesday, September 19. #BeBetter



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Save The Date: #TGE2017


Greetings Gentlemen & Gentlewomen! Proud to announce that The Gentlemen’s Expo is back for 2017! Mark it down, tell two friends, send a raven….  #TGE2017 will be Friday, November 24 and Saturday, November 25 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building!

Tickets Are Now On Sale! (Use code TORONTO to save $5 off single tickets)



Join the Facebook Event!

Check out some pics from last year below…

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5 Places to Travel to Before You Die


Travel seems to always factor into people’s life plans. Whether it’s a fresh-out-of-college backpacking trip or a kick off to retirement, a need for adventure and experience is something most of us have in common. Since you might not be able to hit each and every must-see spot in the world, we’ve listed the top five places to get in before you die.

South African Safari



Okay, so this first selection is moreso what to do once you get where you’re going, but consider this: can you honestly go through the rest of your life without seeing elephants, lions and hyenas in their gorgeous natural habitat? The answer is no.

The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia



If you still haven’t learned how to swim, we recommend getting that done before visiting Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The largest collection of coral reefs in the world spans over 1,400 miles and is the only place to get the scuba diving trip of your life.

Bora Bora, French Polynesiaborabora borabora


All those enviable Instagram posts of flawless beaches and luxurious huts overlooking crystal blue waters? They’re located in Bora Bora and are definitely a place that deserves to be seen with your own two eyes. You’ll think you’re living in a screensaver.

Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India



Seeing a marvel of architectural design is one thing. Finding it in a country that also boasts amazing food, culture and people is another. Come to see a centuries-old mausoleum that attracts 3 million visitors a year, stay for the realest Indian food you’ve ever had.

Highlands, Iceland



As amazing as ancient architecture is, sometimes it just can’t level up to nature’s beauty. The dazzling Northern Lights can be seen best from the highlands of Iceland and will be hard to forget for years to come.

Written by: Bianca Teixeira

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The Rick Mercer Report Stops by The Gentlemen’s Expo


Hey! Still feeling the aftermath of The Gentlemen’s Expo 2016? We don’t blame you… It’s been a few months now and we still can’t get over how awesome of a weekend it really was.

Luckily, our friends over at The Rick Mercer Report helped us relive the excitement last night on their new episode which features Rick at our annual event.

Check out the video clip below and see what it means to #BeBetter!

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How to Build a Fire in the Winter


In basically every culture, the story of how humans discovered fire is enshrined in legend. Greek mythology has it that Prometheus stole fire from the gods. According to the Apache, it was a sly fox that was captured it for us. In Hinduism, Agnihotri Brahmans are still keepers of the sacred flame.

Whatever the case, the point is this: fire is, like, stupid important to humans. The ability to build one is what sets us apart from animals, and basically led to our evolution. For ancient man, it provided warmth, protection from wild predators, and a way to cook food. Most importantly, it kept our forbears alive in the unbearable cold. There’s nothing that taps into your primal instincts quite like going full Revenant and spurring some flames in the harshest of climates. If you’ve never built a winter campfire yet, now’s your chance. Yeah, sure it sounds crazy. Crazy awesome.

Make Your Fire Bed

If you’ve already got a built-in firepit, disregard this part. You’re golden, man. If not, you’ll need to do a little work. Look for a spot that’s protected from the wind. If there’s some snow where you are, shovel it aside so you can light this badboy on solid ground. If there’s too much snow to clear away, pack it down tightly so you have a nice, hard platform to lay your base of logs on.

Get Wood

This will likely be the most challenging part — unless you’ve already got a convenient stack of logs gathered for your fireplace. (But really, that’s no fun. Did Leo have a convenient stack of logs to work with? Hell to the no.) You can search various areas of the surrounding woods for fallen timber. Look for wood that’s as dry as possible. Even if the wood is covered in light, fluffy snow, it may still be dry enough to burn. According to science, the fluffy shit has less moisture content. You can check to see if a stick is dry enough to burn by snapping it in half and listening for the audible crack of breaking wood.

Light That Mother Up

You’ll need some extra help for this, because even slightly damp wood is can be hard to set aflame. So make sure you bring some fire helpers from your local outdoor store — things like fire starter cubes, fire packets, fire paste, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly, or even some drier lint (preferably slathered in petroleum jelly) can be lifesavers when the weather turns wet and cold. Pine needles, pinecones, and bark can also serve as great sources of kindling. Make sure you light the fire from the windward side — that lets the flames travel through your sticks, engulfing them faster. Also, light the fire low; fire climbs as heat rises, so be sure to have your match or lighter touching the material at the base of the fire lay. Don’t bother lighting it at the top; this isn’t a candle, dummy.

Keep the Flame Alive

There is nothing more depressing than watching your flame die out just after it’s begun (figuratively and literally speaking). Surround the fire with any damp logs you haven’t used — the fire’s heat will dry them out and provide an extra stash as the evening goes on. Also be sure to keep a backup wad of tinder (the dry, dead, fluffy stuff, not the shallow dating app) handy, so that when you’re gone, it will still burn on and on and on and on. (But, all Billy Joel references aside, put the fire out once you’re done.)

Written by: Alex Nino Gheciu

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The Ultimate Unconventional Valentine’s Day Gift Idea


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means men and women are scrambling to find the perfect gift for that special someone in their life. The days are long gone where the bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates are socially acceptable. Let’s face it, it’s boring and predictable. That’s why we need to think outside the box.

One could argue that that best gifts are the ones that offer an experience that the two of you could share. Yes – I’m sure there are probably a million and one gift ideas out there of things that are practical and that your boyfriend or girlfriend needs, but where is the fun in that? That’s why we’ve put together an awesome unconventional gift idea that will keep your relationship nice and steamy this Valentine’s Day and for weeks after.

Step 1: Name the gift

Think of something playful and cheeky that will get the person excited when they open it. One Idea I have is to call it: Four Memorable Dates With You And Me but you can call is whatever you’d like!

Step 2: Set a reasonable budget

Depending on how elaborate you want to make this gift, setting a reasonable budget is very important. Let’s say a healthy budget is around $500. It could absolutely be less but remember this gift will be spread out over a couple of weeks and you want to be able to do some really cool unconventional dates with this cash!

Step 3: Pick three, four, or five awesome date ideas and plan to start the first one the week of Valentine’s Day. 

Rage Room Toronto – Date Night ($69.99 + HST)

If you have never been to the Rage Room at  near Downsview Park, you absolutely need to go. It is the perfect way to unleash the stresses of the work week together and it’s a great way to flip the bird at the typical cheesy Valentine’s Day romance that everyone does. Here is a video of what you can expect at Rage Room Toronto:

Dish Cooking Studio – Date Night Cooking Class ($250 + HST)

Dish Cooking Studio offers a wide range of categories to choose from if you’re interested in learning different types of cuisines with your partner. Their cooking classes are set up perfectly to provide an intimate setting where you and your date can learn how to make a 4 course meal inspired by specific culture. Some cooking class themes include: Thai One On, East Meets West: Asian Street Food with a Western Twist, Death By Chocolate, and so much more. Here is a video of Morgan Reilly in rubber mitts at Dish Cooking Studio:

Go-Karting For Two at 401 Mini Indy ($80 + HST)

401 Mini Indy boasts an extra-wide indoor go-kart track and an outdoor track too at their Etobicoke location, with both adult and adult-driven child karts. Take on your partner in a race to the finish to secure the checkered flag and those all-so-important bragging rights:

Toronto’s Festival of Beer Perfectly Paired Package ($85) – Buy tickets HERE

That’s right! Toronto’s Festival of Beer is offering an incredible gift pack exclusively for Valentine’s Day that is sure to get your significant other excited for summer. The TFOB Perfectly Paired Package includes two (2) General Admission tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer on Saturday, July 29, one (1) pair of socks from Toronto fashion retailer GotStyle, one (1) $50 gift certificate if you spend $150 or more at GotStyle, and one (1) pair of Yves Martin underwear which is the proud underwear partner of Prostate Cancer Canada. They are even donating $10 from every order of this gift pack to Prostate Cancer Canada! TFOB takes place on July 28, 29, and 30th at Exhibition Place in Toronto. Click the picture below to visit their website:


Step 4 (Final Step): Grab an awesome card, write something sweet and close it up!

The key here is to spread out these date ideas so the two of you have something to look forward to as you move in to the summer. It’s fun, simple and will give both of you memories that you can keep enjoying throughout the year – and what better way to finish it off than with a great experience at the legendary Toronto’s Festival of Beer. Pretty sweet if you ask us!


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7 Albums Every Man Should Own On Vinyl


We generally try to steer clear of alarmism. The Internet has enough of that. But we’re going to make an exception right now and drop some Infowars-level doomsaying on you: the CD is dying a horrible death. For the last two years, revenue from music streaming services has surpassed sales of CDs. And the trend doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. It’s time to retire the 5-disc boombox, man.

Now don’t worry; if you still long for a tangible representation of your music, it’s all good. In 2015, vinyl sales surged by 30 per cent, marking the tenth consecutive year LP sales have grown considerably. It would serve you well to hop aboard the phonographic bandwagon (if you haven’t already, that is). Vinyl is warmer, more soothing, and easier on the ears than the frigid ones and zeroes in your iTunes playlist. It’s the way music should be heard.

Of course, to fully appreciate the advantages of analogue, you want to make sure it’s the right music. Relax; if you really want to re-buy your collection of Dave Matthews Band albums on vinyl, we won’t judge you (too hard). But just as there are certain books every man must read in order to call himself a grown-up, there are certain records you must own in order to call yourself a respectable human being — or, you know, a music lover. These are records that stand the test of time — that take you on an immersive aural journey of the highest order. They’re the vinyls you will pass down to your children (because they sure as hell want nothing to do with your CD wallet).


Miles Davis – Bitches Brew (1970)

Miles at his most visceral. Bitches Brew captured the anguish of living in America just as the Civil Rights movement was falling apart and the war in Vietnam was raging. All that calamity was channeled into this double-album full of spur-of-the-moment thrills, brooding darkness, and rhythmic innovation: two bassists, three drummers, three electric piano players, and a percussionist, all playing at the same time. This album didn’t just invent jazz-rock; it discovered a new way to think about what music could be.


Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV (1971)

Pretty much the greatest rock album ever made, by the greatest rock band to ever rock. It’s Zeppelin at their heaviest, headiest, and horniest. A swaggering gang of alpha musicians in full flow. No other album has a greater opening one-two punch than “Black Dog” and “Rock and Roll.” No other drumbeat is more jaw-slackening in hi-fi than “When the Leevee Breaks.” Over fourty years later, high school kids still crank this thing while hotboxing their parents’ cars. Fourty years from now, they’ll be doing the exact same thing in their parents’ self-driving airspeeders.


A Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory (1991)

The smoothest union of hip-hop and jazz ever pressed to record. Not no Parkay, not no margarine. Strictly butter, baby. When Low End Theory was released, it pushed the sonic envelope of the entire rap game. Today, it’s a Classic Rap staple. Q-Tip and Phife Dawg trade verses like Lennon and McCartney, complimenting each other better than cookies and milk. Plenty of rappers have tried to ape this sound; none have made it sound this easy.


Radiohead – Kid A (2000)

How to disappear completely? Start a record collection without this in it. You’ll never be invited to another cool party again.


The Beatles – Revolver (1966)

You know what? Fuck Sgt. Pepper’s. Revolver is the Beatles’ true crowning achievement. It did everything Sgt. Pepper’s did — rampant leaps in imagination, studio wizardry, a dismantling of the rock idiom — only with less marketing and fancy packaging.  And they did it with less pretension and in less time: sessions for this album spanned two-and-a-half-months, compared to the five months it took to record Sgt. Pepper’s. After George Martin created his own label, the group was given the freedom to create a record without anxious record execs breathing down their necks. This was our introduction to the Beatles’ ids — when they finally turned off their minds, relaxed, and floated downstream.


Lovage – Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By (2001)

C’mon, you need at least one baby-making record in your collection. Dan “The Automator” Nakamura’s trip-hop experiment with a merry band of sexperts (Kid Koala, Damon Albarn, Prince Paul, Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles) is as sultry as it is sardonic. The last part is key — you don’t want to lay the mack on her too seriously. That’s just creepy!


The Band – Music From Big Pink (1968)

It’s your duty, as a Canadian, to own this record. Released at the height of the psychedelic movement in the late ’60s, big Pink turned the rock world on its axis, opting for something simpler and earthier. Screw wah pedals and tape loops — these guys were just fine with their fiddles and mandolins. The Band invented alt-country, 30 years before it became cool. Wilco, Ryan Adams, Drive-By Truckers — Big Pink is the fountainhead, and we’re still drinking deep.


Written by: Alex Nino Gheciu

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