Top 5 Discoveries at #TGE2016


One big takeaway from #TGE2016 is that we discover new things. Our audience tells us. Our vendors tell us. Our chefs tell us. Our celebrity guests tell us. It must be true. There are some killer products and awesome experiences that are here every year and we love them. But here’s a quick snapshot of some of the new items and experiences that rose to the top this year:

5) Jord – Wooden watches. Straight outta Missouri, these guys make some pretty badass watches. The wooden bracelets are stunning. Nothing like it. Get on our wrists!!!

4) The UCC Chef Battle – The Underground Chef Co do these battles on the regular, but this one was live inside The Gentlemen’s Expo. It’s chef vs chef with a secret ingredient thrown in to spice things up. A panel of culinary stars judge the battle and declare a victor. (For the record Chef Ted Reader won this time) Chef Joe Friday and Chef Mike Ward narrated the whole thing. It was crazy. It was a high energy and welcome addition to #TGE2016 and no doubt will be back next year.

3) Tenfed – This is a clothing company that is trying to make a difference. Kory and the crew offer up high quality tees and toques for a cause. Every Tenfed shirt sold helps feed 10 hungry children. Do you need any other reason to support this project?

2) We Are VR. Watching our audience experience VR for the first time was unreal. Slap on the headset and get transformed to another place. Gaming, movies and experiences are all next level now. The future of playing a game or watching a concert will blow your mind, as it did all weekend long at #TGE2016.

1) Parc City Boot Co. – These boots are unreal. They were flying off the shelves inside #TGE2016. Designed and hand-crafted in Portugal. We’re honoured that Parc City Boot Co were here and that our audience embraced them. Gentlemen of Toronto are savvy consumers and these boots have found a home.

Hope you like this list. What did you discover? Tell us in the comments so we can share the love.




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Plunge 30ft = Feed 10 Children


One of our most popular Attractions at The Gentlemen’s Expo is the famous bag jump. Attendees are able to climb 30 feet of stairs and jump into a inflatable bag. It’s super safe, and quite the rush. This year, we are encouraging our fans to take the plunge but for a good cause. Just before jumping, you’ll be able to support Tenfed – a Toronto clothing company that ensures 10 hungry children around the world get fed.

So, how can you support the cause? Buy the GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK tee shirt. You see, for every GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK shirt sold, TEN meals are provided to help feed hungry children around the globe with the help of Kids Against Hunger Canada. There are only 200 GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK shirts available!

BUY THE SHIRTgentlemens-expo-shirt-mockup

More on TenFed:

So far, TenFed has been able to provide over 25,000 meals to hungry children around the world. All of TenFed’s clothing is 100% Canadian, made here in Toronto, ON. TenFed are now into 10 retail stores in Canada – mostly around Ontario and one in BC. Watch THIS Global News piece on TENFED to learn more.

More On Kids Against Hunger Canada:

Kids Against Hunger Canada keeps 1/3 of the food local, here in Canada (they provide for food banks, shelters, reserves in the northern part of Canada, the Salvation Army, etc.) and the other 2/3 of the food gets shipped abroad to developing countries.  They have shipped to over 60 countries since they started in 1999.


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#TGE2016 Special Guest: Mark DeMontis of Courage Hockey


The Gentlemen’s Expo is proud to announce a series of special guests to help educate and entertain audiences at #TGE2016.

  • WHO: Mark DeMontis of Courage Hockey
  • WHAT: In Converation with Mark DeMonitis
  • WHEN:
    • Friday, Nov 11th at 5:00pm

Buy Tickets Now!

Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets. #BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

About Mark DeMontis:

Like many young Canadians, Toronto native Mark DeMontis dreamed of playing in the NHL. At age 17, one year away from an NCAA scholarship, Mark’s dream was shattered as he was diagnosed with LHON – Leber Hereditary Optic Neuropathy – a rare mitochondria disease causing an irreversible and incurable loss of central vision in both his eyes.

In 2008, he founded Courage Canada – a national charitable organization which raised funds and awareness to start Blind Hockey programs for over 1,000 Canadians. Mark launched the charity with two consecutive Cross-Canada inline skate fundraiser campaigns. In 2009, he skated 5,000km from Toronto to Vancouver, while in 2011 he skated an additional 2.000km from Halifax to Toronto.  Since established, the charity raised over $1 Million and successfully built the Canadian Blind Hockey Association.

Mark was honoured by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper and was even chosen to present her majesty Queen Elizabeth with the final farewell flowers to conclude her last Royal Canadian Tour. Mark has carried multiple Olympic and Paralympic torches and was also a recipient of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award.

Mark’s story was featured on CTV W5 entitled Hockey Visionary with Lloyd Robertson, which led to a career in television hosting five seasons of Canada’s first disability sports show – Sports Access on AMI-TV. Recently, he was Host of Are You #ParaTough – a one hour documentary following Mark’s journey through Paralympic testing leading up to the 2016 Games in Rio.

Now 29, Mark has created Courage Hockey – – a new lifestyle and apparel company focused on inspiring the game. Meet Mark and the Courage Hockey team in their booth all weekend at Gentlemen’s Expo and be sure to grab their launch apparel.

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Behind The Cutting Board: Afrim Pristine


Maître fromager (Cheese Master) Afrim Pristine delivers years of experience in affinage, a practice handed down through the family business, Cheese Boutique.

Private cheese education from on-the-job training and trips to local and not-so-local farms have built Afrim’s foundation of knowledge. Many touchstones guided vocation such as an invitation by Switzerland Cheese to study and learn the process from one of the oldest and most renowned Cheesemakers in the world. Afrim’s education cultivates an encyclopedic recall with passionate delivery.

Twitter: @afrimpristine

Instagram: @afrimpristine

If you weren’t working in the culinary industry, what would you be doing?hvv_afrim

If I wasn’t in the culinary industry, I would be a vigilante, fighting crime at night, wearing a a cowl and cape.  By day, I would be a pretty good, philanthropist living in a castle. I’m pretty sure this doesn’t exist already, so I feel there is a need for it. 

Any advice for people getting started in your industry? Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Advice for people in the industry: If you want to be rich, and don’t want to work a lot, then do not enter this industry. This industry is all about passion and love for your craft. The hours and pace are crazy, but one does crazy things for the love of food. You better to be ready to hustle, hustle and never stop.

What is your favourite restaurant, right now?

Favourite restaurant is Campagnolo

In your opinion, what traits would you say describe the ideal Gentleman?

Ideal gentlemen: ‘manners maketh man’

End of story.

If you could have dinner with anyone (Alive or Dead), who would it be, and why?

I would love to have dinner with Kurt Cobain. Eddie Vedder would be our server and Chris Cornell would be the Chef.

See and learn from Chef Pristine (and many others) as part of our CULINARY PROGRAMME at #TGE2016.

Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


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#TGE2016 Special Guest Announcement: Gary Roberts


The Gentlemen’s Expo is proud to announce a series of special guests to help educate and entertain audiences at #TGE2016.

  • WHO: NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner Gary Roberts.
  • WHAT: In Conversation with Gary Roberts. + Autograph Session
  • WHEN: FRIDAY, NOV. 11th
    • 8:00pm – In Conversation with Gary Roberts
    • 8:45pm – Autograph Session with Gary Roberts
  • BUY TICKETS: Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets. #BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

“My inspiration to start GRHPT has grown out of my journey to regenerate myslef after I suffered a serious neck injury that forced me to retire from the NHL in 1996. After two neck surgeries and a year of dedicated rehabilitation focusing on state-of-the-art training, regeneration and nutrition therapy, I was able to return to the game. Now my passion is education young players, helping them avoid some of the obstacles I faced in my career, and ultimately giving them the best chance at longevity in the sport.” – Gary Roberts

gr-sport-chek-chase-the-gear-8211About Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts is a 23 year NHL veteran and Stanley Cup winner with 1224 games played, 2560 penalty minutes and ranked 14th all time in scoring for a left winger (438 goals and 472 assists for 910 points). Since his retirement after the 2008-­2009 season, Gary has become a leader in high performance training and sports nutrition for both amateur and professional athletes.

gr-adidas-event-web-res-0596Unique Philosophy

With the benefits of personal experience, research and expert consultations, Gary Roberts High Performance Training provides a regimen that blends advanced training techniques, proper sports nutrition and recovery strategies in a synergistic way tohelp elite athletes achieve peak performance and longevity in sport and life.

Off-Season Training Protocol

The Gary Roberts Off-Season Training Program is a phased, customized training program that combines professional coaching, focused nutrition and advanced recovery strategies designed to help players achieve gains in strength, power, speed and agility. Gary’s training philosophy is centered around functional, sport specific exercises focusing on efficiency and proper technique. Under the supervision of our expert strength & conditioning coaches, clients are guided through workouts customized to meet their individual needs.

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Fall Style Picks: Cognac Boots by PARC City Boot


This Fall every gent needs a great pair of cognac coloured boots. This rich and warm hue is flattering with any look, and should be a staple in your wardrobe!

Whether you’re suiting up or playing it casual, a cognac boot will keep you sophisticated and stylish. This color is essential each season in PARC City Boot’s collection of high quality European leathers. They are dedicated to keeping you in style with our hand crafted boots that won’t break the bank.

The team at PARC City Boot pair their cognac boots daily with dark denim and khakis; reliable style for the everyday man. Seen here in their popular ‘Lincoln’ boot, this handsome color will have you strut from boardroom to boardwalk with ease. Try a pair on today!


Get more style tips and see more Canadian inspirations by checking out PARC City Boot.

See PARC City Boot and a whole bunch more at #TGE2016. Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Use code FIVEOFF to save $5 off General Admission tickets.

#BEBETTER at The Gentlemen’s Expo. November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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