The Debate: How To Make An Old Fashioned

Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong?

Here’s our take on the Old Fashioned:


Here are some wise words from our buddy (and Whisk(e)y Ambassador, Bourbon Specialist for BeamSuntory in Canada) Matt Jones: “The Old Fashioned is the quintessential cocktail. One that showcases the complexity of its base spirit, whisk(e)y, the best. Balanced with sugar, water, and accented with bitters and citrus zest, this 200+ year formula of a potent medicinal tonic was named the Whiskey Cocktail and appeared in mid-late 19th century recipe books. The 20th century ushered in the golden age of cocktails, and burst at the seams with variety, they were the modern flavoured martini’s of their day. However, sometimes you just wanted a simpler refreshment cocktail, made the Old Fashioned way.

Independent of this, in the late 19th century at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky, the bartender wanted to impress James E Pepper, heir to his grandfather’s Oscar Pepper Bourbon,  muddled an orange and cherry with bitters and sugar cube, and added a luxury of the day, carbonated water. Thus the offshoot. He called it an Old Fashioned…”

Classic or Post-Classic, the debate endures…

Here are some Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipes:

How do you like your Old Fashioned? Tell us in the comments…

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