Getting Your First Professional Shave

Mention that you’re thinking about getting a shave with a straight razor to one of your buddies, and they’re likely to ask why. After all, those kinds of shaves are simply an old-fashioned method that’s been made obsolete by safety razors, right?

It’s true that straight razor shaves are no longer the norm, and that most of us never acquired the skill to do it ourselves. But getting a professional straight razor shave is a uniquely male experience that still has great value in this day and age. In fact, even if you’re confident that you’re getting a great shave at home with your high-tech triple blade safety razor, there are still plenty of reasons to get a professional shave at least once in your life.

It’s a One of a Kind Experience. Chances are when you shave at home it’s a completely functional experience, more akin to a chore rather than something to be savored and enjoyed. But go to a professional for a shave and you’ll get a lot more than just a clean face. You’ll likely start off with a hot towel and perhaps a skin moisturizer to prepare your skin for the shave. Next your barber will apply warm lather, perhaps with a badger hair brush. (You can bet that your shaving lotion at home feels nothing like this.) The totality of a professional shave is a manly experience that for the most part has been forgotten in today’s world. Don’t underestimate how much you might appreciate being able to experience this lost art.

It May be the Best Shave You’ll Ever Get. Your safety razor is certainly safe and easy to use, but that comes at the expense of a close shave. No safety razor will ever be able to match the smooth shave you’ll get from a straight razor that’s drawn across your skin at just the right angle with just the right pressure.

It’s a Treat. “Treating yourself” means different things to different people, and certainly different between men and women. Even if you don’t think you like being pampered, you still might want to consider getting a professional shave – it’s the perfect match of indulgent luxury and unquestioned manliness. And believe it or not, even though you have someone dragging a very sharp piece of metal across your neck and face, then entire procedure can be surprisingly relaxing.

Thankfully, even in an age when businesses are cutting back and refusing to perform any services that might be considered (whether that’s fair or not) the least bit dangerous, you can still find barbers and other professionals will give you a straight razor shave. With affordable and high quality safety razors and that fact that we’re probably in the habit of doing it ourselves, you might ask yourself why bother? The short answer is it’ll probably be the best shave you’ll ever get.

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