How to Display Art In Your Home

To hang art in your home all you need is a hammer and a nail, right? Well it would be wonderful if it were that easy. But as most men know, displaying art in your home takes a little more finesse than simply pounding a nail with a hammer. The following tips, tools, and ideas will help you take your home to the next level and give it the aesthetic you’re looking for.

Heirlooms and Knick Knacks

Display meaningful heirlooms or personal knick knacks on your bookshelves or on tabletops. Incorporate a few important pieces that document your history into your home, but keep it uncluttered. Too many accessories distracts the eye and your piece will lose the focus it deserves.


Do you have a fun or interesting collection? Gather it all in one location and put them on display. For example, you might frame and hang your baseball cards. Putting all of your collection in one place makes more of an impact than spreading pieces out.


What items have you gathered from your travels that can be put on display? We’re talking about items that bring back fond memories. Get creative and display them in your home. For example, you might display found gear from a rock climbing trip on your sofa table. Likewise, you can integrate your hobbies into your decor. Hang a bicycle on your family room wall.

Framing Artwork

Invest time and money into a frame and mat that flatters your artwork. Select a mat and frame that brings in other colors and elements from the room it will be hung in. However, avoid matching colors too much, the art can disappear into the background.

A Rule of Thumb

The basic rule of thumb is to hang artwork slightly above eye level. However, if you’re particularly tall or short this rule doesn’t work too well. Most museums position artwork so that it is 60 inches off the floor.

Create Impact

Oversized artwork can add impact to a room. Smaller pieces can appear larger when they’re positioned in large dramatic mats and large frames. You can also group a collection of artwork together to create the illusion of size.

Finally, for large pieces of art and objects that you’ll suspend from the wall, invest in a picture hanging kit. They come with a variety of hook and nail sizes, along with picture wire to suspend heavier pieces with confidence.

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