Plunge 30ft = Feed 10 Children


One of our most popular Attractions at The Gentlemen’s Expo is the famous bag jump. Attendees are able to climb 30 feet of stairs and jump into a inflatable bag. It’s super safe, and quite the rush. This year, we are encouraging our fans to take the plunge but for a good cause. Just before jumping, you’ll be able to support Tenfed – a Toronto clothing company that ensures 10 hungry children around the world get fed.

So, how can you support the cause? Buy the GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK tee shirt. You see, for every GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK shirt sold, TEN meals are provided to help feed hungry children around the globe with the help of Kids Against Hunger Canada. There are only 200 GENTLEMEN GIVAFCK shirts available!

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More on TenFed:

So far, TenFed has been able to provide over 25,000 meals to hungry children around the world. All of TenFed’s clothing is 100% Canadian, made here in Toronto, ON. TenFed are now into 10 retail stores in Canada – mostly around Ontario and one in BC. Watch THIS Global News piece on TENFED to learn more.

More On Kids Against Hunger Canada:

Kids Against Hunger Canada keeps 1/3 of the food local, here in Canada (they provide for food banks, shelters, reserves in the northern part of Canada, the Salvation Army, etc.) and the other 2/3 of the food gets shipped abroad to developing countries.  They have shipped to over 60 countries since they started in 1999.