Yamaha Canada Music x #TGE2016

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. – Bob Marley

On November 10-12 at The Gentlemen’s, the Yamaha Canada Music Garage Band Experience will WOW you. A fully-built garage with a massive selection of instruments to try out, from Yamaha Canada Music. This is the jam space of your dreams, because you can get hands on and try everything. Grab a guitar (like the new Revstar) and melt some faces with a solo. Grab those drum sticks and do that part from Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’. Anything is possible! On that note (see what we did there) may we introduce to you…


Yamaha Music Canada are doing something very special that you need to know; It’s an initiative called #RandomActsOfMusic and it’s designed to celebrate all forms of music.

Now, we’re not talking about the Kanye West’s or Adele’s of the world, were talking about our neighbours, our friends and the people in our communities that share their passion for music with everyone around them. What’s great, is that Yamaha Music Canada supports these people and anyone interested in spreading music to the four corners of the globe by sharing their stories and videos on their website:

We encourage all of you to visit the #RandomActsOfMusic website and take some time to watch some of the videos Yamaha Canada has shared. These videos will show you the number of people who are spreading positivity through their passion. Remember we could all make an effort to #BeBetter and maybe music is the answer to that.

About #TGE2016:

The Gentlemen’s Expo is the premium event for emerging and established men’s lifestyle products, integrated consumer experiences and on-stage programming that will entertain and educate men.  It all happens November 10-12 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre South Building. Oh, and tickets are on sale right now. (AND YOU CAN SAVE $5 OFF GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS BY USING PROMO CODE: FIVEOFF) 

Come to #TGE2016 if you are interested in: style, tech, music, sports, cars, alcohol, grooming, sex, food, entrepreneurship, whiskey, beer, spirits, gaming, DIY, wellness, health and more.  Come to#TGE2016 if you want to see great speakers and compelling ATTRACTIONS. Come to #TGE2016 if you want to #BeBetter.

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